write 31 days - day one - fat

We don’t want to get fat.  We don’t want to be fat, and we don’t see ourselves as fat.  Sure we are bigger than the other kids in the playground, we are tall for our age. 

But others not seeing our uniqueness, our height, those long limbed legs, latch onto one description for us FAT. Everything we do is linked to food.  

We spend our entire lives being told –

Don't eat that?

Eating again!

Put that down.

Take that out of your mouth.

Stop eating.

Every time I see you your eating.

You are going to be fat like my brother.

Do you want to be fat like Auntie so and so, or Uncle such and such?

You’ve had too much, why are you eating that? 

Do you want to be fat?

Stop eating.

You will make yourself sick.

The words pour over us like sticky sweeties, the catch us here and there.  We are filled with fear.  Food becomes associated with the fear of fat.

Brainwashed with fear, and we don’t really understand what is going on, or how eating this or that will make us fat.  Type 2 Diabeties makes little sense when your three, or five or seven, 13 or 14 years old.  All we are concerned about is that it tastes good, and that the ‘Tom and Jerry’ cartoons are on tv in 15 minutes, so we tune out.

As we grow up, we realise that we are a little different from the others, we look a bit different, and we don’t quite fit into the clothes that the stores tell us, are the correct size for our age. 

We aren’t fat, but we are a bit bigger than the others in our class. 

We become an easy target for ridicule.  Our classmates, start to call us names – ‘Green Giant’, 'Fat Friendly Giant', ‘Chubby Checker’, ‘Fatso’, ‘Fat Girl’ they laugh at us.  Playing those utterly intolerable playground jokes on us, that mean we end up red faced, eyes stinging with tears. 

Our family call us things like ten-ton Tessie, fatgirl, fatso when they pick us up to put us on their knee to read us a story, some of them even call us fat to our faces.  Some even go so far as to call us ‘Fat Bitches’, ‘disgusting’, ‘appalling’, ‘a disgrace’, you make me sick.

These words hurt, but we push them as far from our minds as possible, we try not to think about them, we wash them down with some soda, and a chocolate bar. 

We have pushed them down so deep, they put in roots inside us – these words have made themselves a home, and unknown to us, they grow, and taunt us, when we get upset, or people use those names again to our faces. 

Those words have power, and they have a hold over our lives. 

We have two choices neither healthy, neither suitable, neither something you would wish upon your worse enemy. 

We stop eating, and start starving ourselves. 


We eat, and eat AND EAT SOME MORE.  It tastes good, in a world where everything else feels uncomfortable painful even.  Pretending we don’t care, we eat because those words have hurt us so deeply, that the only way we find comfort is through food, its not offered anywhere else.

Then later, when we have finished everything we can get our hands on, and those voices seem to have quietened under a groany tummy.  

It’s twisted.  It’s horrible.  It’s an illness.  Overeating. 

To try to silence emotions that we don’t understand, to try to stop those voices in our heads, those labels that we have been given by all and sundry – parents, teachers, siblings, friends, relatives, doctors – people with authority in our lives, we eat. 

We eat.

We eat and we eat some more, because it tastes good, it makes us feel better than the words that have been spoken over our lives. 

We eat because we try to tell ourselves that it doesn’t matter anymore, if that’s how people see us, well we might as well be that person. 

We care. Deeply we care, but we don’t understand the emotions we are trying to deal with, so we eat to make them quiet. 

Little by little we become fat, and sometimes we don’t even realise the journey we have been on to get there, because we don’t know how to deal with our emotions.


This is my first post in the 2014 series of write 31 days.  I hope you will join this worldwide community, who chose to write on a wide variety of subjects for each day of October.  I am writing about my weightloss of nine stone, and the ongoing journey from fat to free.  Last year I wrote 31 days of real food, and the year before 31 days of food.  I am looking forward to connecting with you during this time.

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Shame - a guest post from Claire Hamilton

Delighted to welcome back Claire Hamilton one of the world's true blues, a beautiful lady, full of talent and passion, for this thoughtful post on shame.  Maybe today is the day you will chose to do battle with shame.

Shame is not who you are.


Shame: The full definition is much broader but what struck me most was this: 'A painful emotion arising from a strong sense of unworthiness.'

I've come to find that many people around me struggle immensely with self worth and finding a sense of ease in accepting grace. So many of us simply can't get our heads or hearts around the worth that He places on us.

The idea that we are fully loved, embraced, accepted despite our frail human ways.

For the most part I think the challenge lies in getting over ourselves. We can have high expectations of ourselves, our behaviour, our holiness, our 'niceness', our ability to respond and react graciously, fairly, justly, 'appropriately' as Christians.

Ultimately, Jesus is our example but I fear that's not quite the person we look to. We compare ourselves with others, we seek approval from those in positions of 'power' and yet didn't He call the weak to lead the strong.

Those who look to him are radiant; their faces are never covered with shame. Ps 34:5

There's nothing that requires us to carry shame.

We can lift our eyes and mercy is always in view.

It takes what we've broken and messed up and gives us fresh hope and chance after chance. The comparisons, the unworthiness, the insecurity...they don't dictate who we are, they simply aren't enough to outdo mercy.

Shame can't darken our faces because He is much more powerful and able.



Thank you for joining us Claire.

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Five days in New York City 


Maybe it's the pulsating energy of the several million people that live there, or the unending variety and availability that leaves me with the feeling, anything really is possible.  

New York City there really is something kinda wonderful about you.  

You can catch up on some of my other adventures in NYC eating burgers at the Shake Shack, signs of life, sweet shots,  a top of the rock engagement, freedom and liberty, and one of my favourite restaurants in the city ABC Kitchen.  

New York City is a place from the moment my feet touched the ground at JFK in 2000, I knew I would visit again and again.  

Until next time sweet city, here are some of the adventures you shared with me this year, when I visited earlier this summer as Belfast Community Gospel Choir's tour to NYC.  


1.Visiting First Corthinian Baptist Church in Harlem so much happened there, I am going to spread this number out a little -  so another post is likely!

But. Oh. My. Word.  being in FCBC was lifechanging.  As well as really interesting to see how they do church in Harlem - 7.30am service anyone?  We where up at 4.30am to get ready to perform.

Firstly there was the opportunity to sing as a member of Belfast Community Gospel Choir in Harlem in a primarily black church, with the spine tingling incredible First Corthinian Baptist Church Choir who moved and sang with such passion and unison.  Even in their rehearsal the hairs rose up on the back of my neck.



Then there was the message preached by Pastor Michael A. Walrond Jr. Love Lifted Me one of the greatest sermon's I have ever. Ever. Period!

Key message it all stems from love.  

Pastor Walrond Jr's words were empowering to the listener and I implore you to listen to it.  His use of scripture, story, cultural references, and the cadence of his speech made it a pleasure to listen to.  

These are just a few quotations from it that continually inspire me ...

'I don't know about you but knowing that God loves me, allows me to endure some things in my life that at other times would have seemed unendurable.  Knowing that God loves me allows me to withstand some things in my life that at other times would have broken me down.  

Knowing God loves me allows me to handle even ridicule from irrelevant people because I realise the significance in my life that God plays.  And at the end of the day it is hard to get caught up in other peoples# analysis, critque or judgement when I am convinced that the love of God overshadows everything else that could come my way.  

That is the great hope.  That I am loved by God.  It is a thing that will deepen your awareness of who you are and your own significance.  And every now and again when you find yourself under assault from negative thoughts that rebel from with in, I dare you to resist the internal wrestling in your spirit and remind yourself, you know what 'God Loves Me.

'God loves me, so simple, yet saying that to yourself can unleash joy that is unspeakable.

'God loves me can undermine every attempt to weigh you down with things that do not matter.

God loves me.  It can beat back every attempt from every enemy who tries to tell you that there is nothing in your or about you that has any kind of significance.  God Loves me.

When you get up in the morning before you say a word, before you do anything, before you begin your day, begin to work, begin to cook, begin to do anything, say God Loves Me.  And just in case it doesn't reach the depths of your spirit switch up the words a little bit, God is in love with me.'

I urge you to listen to this podcast now Love Lifted Me.

Asking the FCBC Artist in Residence Patrice Turner to sing for us.  After some Belfast persuasion she sang, 'How Great is Thy Faithfulness', there were tears in everybodies eyes when she finished.  

Patrice sang and played piano with such power and control, mixing jazz, gospel and classical styles with ease her passion rose into the air and filled the auditorium, every hair on my neck stood up.

2. Who knew hostels can be spotlessly clean, with strong hot showers 24/7, a great coffee bar, lovely garden, wifi, crisp white sheets and a conceirge as good as any five star hotel - we stayed at Hostelling International New York, on the Upper West Side and I highly recommend it.  There are even double rooms with aircon and flat screen tvs, not something you normally associate with the word hostel or budget.  I would stay here again in an instant.  

3. Walking around Harlem after a long flight, seeing men play chess on the sidewalk and listening to the Abyssinian Baptist Choir sing heartfelt gospel music lifted any jetfog that might have descended.  Feeling inspired by the front of the Harlem Hospital I stood for ages just looking at then, then glancing downtown towards the Empire State which was approximately five miles away or twenty blocks, it's a walk I'd like to take on another trip.


4. Walking Having one of those heartfelt conversations with a stranger, that's only possible because we'll never meet again.  Obviously be mindful, be aware, but not all conversations with strangers = danger.

5. The sales assistant in Loft who came up to me only minutes after I'd entered to say, 'Girl you have fantastic energy, I have watched you since you came in, and you are full of light.'  I left with a new spring in my step.

6. Visiting Strala in Soho for an early morning strong class. Suzy was our guide; she was inspiring, encouraging and welcoming.  I loved the class and can't wait to go back again.  I felt energised and ready for anything afterwards.  Strala please come to Belfast!

7. Wandering around Greenwich, Soho and Chinatown at night, turning left or right on impulse with no real idea were we where going.  Our conversation went a little like this ...

'What way do you want to go?'

'I don't know'

'Okay well let's go right and you chose next.'

We wandered randomly going up and down this street and that.  Randomly walking and each choosing a way to go is a great way to explore a city or go for a walk when your on a date.

Eating this out of the world Guacamole (smoky, spicey, smooth and cool) and the most flavoursome trio of salsas - tomatillo-serrano, roasted tomato chile de arbol and habanero diablo salsas and drinking one of the best Margaritas I've ever had at Dos Caminos, where our waitress Amy bent over backwards to serve us.  Tasting different Blanco Tequila's - my favourite was ArteNom Seleccion de 1414 Tequila Reposado

8. Heading downtown on a subway train to Soho for a spot of shopping with my pals Pauline and Heather.  Shops have never been hit so hard or so quickly.  Hanging out with these girls was one of the highlights of my trip.


Then walking to Chinatown, where I bought an American Flag scarf in Chinatown, in between bargaining.  Hoping I'll be able to work the American Flag scarf style like Connie Britton as Rayna Jaymes in my favourite tv show Nashville.  Then there was a taxi ride back along the Hudson with an Egyptian driver, who'd lived in NYC for 20 years or more.  A thing to note Taxis go fast in NYC, so buckle your seatbelts.


9. Loading up on new workout kit from Old Navy - I am in love with their Hot To It Neon capri training tights and wishing I'd bought several more pairs.  Old Navy please start delivering to Europe.

10. Eating one of the best burgers EVER - sweet juicy meat, a soft firm bun, saltysweet slices of pickle and chillis, at PJ O'Clarkes at Lincoln Centre.  After singing at the New Belfast New York Conference lunch session, fellow choir members - Carol, Amy and Rebecca we experienced the sublime service only readily available in America.  

PJ Clarke's is a bit of an iconic New York establishment full of history, fame and nostalgia, now a chain the locations have black-and-white tiled floors, red and white checked tablet cloths and dark wood galore. The menu offers food that is classic American Steakhouse -  shrimp cocktail, bluecheese iceberg wedge, T-bone for two, crab cakes, creamed spinach, cheesecake, mixed with American Diner, burgers, meatloaf, mac and cheese, ceasar salad and club sandwiches, there's an oyster bar, all of these are well prepared and presented, and if you like cheeseburgers, there are none better.  Thea's English Tea Green Honey, came in a rectangular bottle, with a disctinctive white top, with no added sugar, and served ice cold it was very refreshing.

Charred Green Chilies Cheeseburger with Grilled Poblanos, Ancho and jalapenos  

11. Bath and Body works - this shop makes me happy.  I was wandering around Mid-town after lunch with Sandy, and found my way here, quite by accident but perhaps by destiny, because I had wanted to visit.  

My question to the assistant went something like this

'So I was staying in a hotel in Charleston South Carolina, a few years back and they had this sublime smelling body lotion, but I have no idea what its called, just that it came from here, can you help?' '

Of course,' she replied smiling and already leading me to a section of the store, 'you want our Enegry, Orange Ginger.  Doesn't it just smell divine?'  

USA - your retail service is on the whole incredible.  Stocking up on handsanitsers, lipgloss and a whole array of beautifully scented products not available on our side of the pond.

12. FitFlops are there any better shoes for sightseeing, walking and being comfortable, whilst working our legs. I bought two pairs of sandals, one in red and one in black.

13. Loading up on teashirts at American Eagle

14. Having lunch with Sandy - there's something kinda wonderful about having friends in cities across the world.  It is a blessing and a privilege, and it is just lovely to touch base and find the connect still as strong unaffected by time, or distance.

15. Singing in Central Park with BCGC where the words 'Music is proof of heaven' where chalked onto the sidewalk

16. M&Ms. Do I have to say anymore - Pretzel, Mint, Dark Chocolate, Coconut - I loaded up on all the flavours not available before heading back across the Irish Sea.

17. Drinking Arnold Palmer - this is 1/2 iced tea and 1/2 lemonade - utterly refreshing and delicious.  And it inspired me to create Whiskey Lemonade.

18. Visiting the Brandy Library and tasting Brooklyn Whiskey brewed by the Breuckenlen Distillery in Brooklyn

The Brandy Libary like many places that ooze cool, wasn't the easiest place to find, but a quick call into a brightly light nearby bristo, and we discovered we were just across the street from it.  Amber lit, with buttery tobacco leather chairs and banquettes, smooth varnished wooden shelves accessed by ladder contain bottles of whiskey, brandy, schnapps and calvados.  It is a cozy line up and a romantic place, the sort you see in movies, where the guy and the girl, well they you know, talk, sip a drink, look into each others eyes and the rest is history.  It is occupied by fashionable locals, late night dealmaking businessmen.

 The 77 Whiskey is distilled from 100% wheat, and aged in new American Oak.  The nose is full of caramel sweetness and light, with an apple vanilla character, it doesn't overpower and is not overly sweet.  Whle the taste moves through from caramel to cinnamon, with nutmeg and wood, it is enjoyable, a drink to last the evening, and one that will linger with your conversation.  This finish has a hint of pepper on a soft vanilla, with further woody spiced notes.

19. Hanging out with BCGC in New York City - a truly once in a lifetime experience to travel, in this year, with this specific group of people, was special.  We came we sang, we travelled, we laughed, we cried, and then cried some more. We got lost in Central Park, and rode in Yellow Taxis. We met incredible people, we had access to some oldest Baptist churches in the city, and the privilege of singing there.  We took bus rides, and we made history.

20. In our hectic schedule I spent some time just walking, drinking iced tea and being in the city that never sleeps, and this made me very happy.

Have you been to New York City lately, what did you get up too?

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q&a with Siobhan O'Sullivan from the Fitzwilliam Hotel Belfast

It is fabulous to welcome Siobhan O'Sullivan the director of sales and marketing from the Fitzwilliam Hotel in Belfast as our guest for q&a today. I first met Siobhan at the Fitzwilliam's summer wine tasting last year and I really enjoyed talking with her at Fitzwilliam's launch of the pre & post theatre dining.  Siobhan has a fabulous sense of fun, an innate sense of style, not to mention a fantastic collection of beautiful dresses.  As well as the ability to bring together a great mix of people for the Fitzwilliam's regular evening soirees.  


Siobhan pictured on the left at the Fitzwilliam Hotel, Belfast 5th Birthday Party.

Who are you, what’s it like being you ... 

Siobhan O Sullivan, busy but fun!

Where are you from, where are you based ...

Kerry Sunset

I’m from a beautiful town in South Kerry called Caherciveen and now living in Belfast. 

Talk about your work ...

I am the Director of Sales and Marketing in The Fitzwilliam Hotel in Belfast city centre. Working here four and half years now and love that everyday is different and brings new challenges and opportunities.

What are your future plans ...

Retire to the coast

How do you find inspiration, who you are inspired by ...  

Everyday by the people around me and the experiences and the challenges they face and conquer.

Describe your space ... 

Northern Coastline or Helens Bay by the sea.

How are you feeling today ...

Very proud lady after Kerry Winning the double at the All Ireland

A non-negotiable in your life is ... 

My Family

Most encouraging words you have ever heard ...

’ain't no changing who you are, the day you try is the day you die… Stand tall, smile bright and let people wonder why you laugh, Be yourself, everyone else is taken ... never look down on anyone, unless you are helping them up…


pictured Ladies day that The Fitzwilliam sponsored in Down Royal in June with stylish Rebecca McKinney

Your work life philosophy is ...

Life is too short, enjoy every minute!

What is your favourite smell ...


Who do you like to listen to, what’s playing just now ...

Love Music so anything from the 80s to Snowpatrol. Currently listening to the radio in the office.

Best meal and your favourite three ingredients ...

James Street South and favourite ingredients are Gin Rum and bubbles

Three things or products that have changed your life...  

The gym, Friends and Mascara 

How do you relax ...  

Taking time out from the city with friends in the country with great food and drink

What makes you happy, where’s your happy place ...

being at home with Family in Kerry

What is your favourite journey; where in the world would you like to visit ...  

Going to Australia on holiday in October and next on my list will be New Zealand and Thailand.

What do you most value in your friends ...

Honesty and truth. 

What are your favourite words, what are you reading, just now ...

Life is too short live everyday as if its your last! Currently reading by John Grisham Sycamore Row

Share some words of wisdom ...

‘Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground’

Thank you for joining us Siobhan in our q&a series, it was super to talk to you.

Follow the Fitzwilliam Hotel Belfast and Siobhan on Twitter.

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because - Five Minute Friday

Running her hands across the top of the chest of drawers, where she’d been standing for quite some time she exhaled, bent and opened the bottom one. 

Lifting out a thick navy Aran with his honeycomb cabling she pressed her face against it, inhaling the faint aroma of his verbena aftershave.  She hadn’t meant to put it on, but within a moment she was snuggled in the scratchy thick wool.  It felt like coming home.  For a fleeting moment she remembered him giving her this jumper to wear, and his arms around her holding tight when she put it on.

The moon hung low in the Southern Carolina dusky pink sky, as she walked barefoot out along the dock.  Sitting with her feet just above the water she took out his letter, and read the words again.

I can’t carry your sadness but I can hold your heart.  And, I promise I will hold it with the tender gentleness you deserve, and I will fight to protect it. 

The memory of his voice spoke out from the pages.  It had been a year since she had seen him, been held by him.  Yet, his presence was always near because regardless of the agony that had ensued for both of them; the memory of his embrace was still warm, comfortable, inviting her back.  She covered her heart with her hands, and realised she had given it away, and never really got it back again.


I have linked up with the global Five Minute Friday Community, where people from here, there and everywhere join together to write freely on one prompt for Five Minutes.  I hope you will join us.

Today I have shared a little of my fiction, as a continuation from what I wrote last Friday.

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Happy New Year - Rosh Hashanah 2014

שָׁנָה טוֹבָה "Shanah Tovah"

May your new year be sweet.

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Time for afternoon tea at Titanic Belfast

In our house we always stop for tea.  Like most Irish families, the kettle is never far from the boil, and tea is drunk at every opportunity.  It does really make things better.  The act of drinking the inky black liquid with a splash of milk, or a touch of honey, the moment spent stopping from the busyness of the day, it’s a short release that can change our perspective.  There’s usually a slice of cake, or a biscuit from the tin (occasionally homemade).

Making and taking tea is a way of being present to the moment, is a ritual that stretches across the world to the tea ceremonies of Far East Asia and allows us to savour life, a moment in slowness.   There is nothing that can’t be tackled no matter how difficult after a cup of tea.

Tea mostly water, finds it flavour from the taste of tealeaves infused into the liquid.  There is a history and element of ritual, perhaps art and celebration even to taking tea.  Maybe this along with the cakes and the thrill of doing something different in the middle of an afternoon, the notions of civility and getting together with friends explains the joy of taking afternoon tea.

Titanic Belfast, offer visitors the chance to take tea in their grand ballroom on the 5th floor.  This thickly carpeted room, looks out over the Titanic slipways to Belfast Lough and the Irish Sea beyond.  White starched table cloths cover round tables, and comfortable dark wood heavy chairs, with black leather hide sit proudly around them.  A replica of the Titanic’s staircase which was made by local Northern Irish craftsmen fills a corner of the room.  We like others taking afternoon tea that day, enjoy having our photographs taken on the stairs.

Champagne Henri Abelé, shimmers as it is poured into sparkling glasses.   The taste is a clever balance of bold and buttery, assertive and toasty with complex citrusy notes, and a gentle bubble that is easy to sip.  The rounded flavour works well with the variety of finger sandwiches, sweet things and pastries which form the basis of the afternoon tea’s food.

The scones are perfectly sized and are made with a light hand, as the crumb is soft with just a hint or resistance to the bite; they are served with little pots of strawberry jam, and clotted cream.

After choose our tea from a choice of six, I go for Red Berry and Naomi chooses Green Tea.  The teas are sourced from Northern Ireland tea merchants Punjuna, and are loose leaf, poured from silver pots through strainers, the flavour is full.  A cake stand with finger sandwiches scones, little puddings, and a selection of fancies is set in front of us.  The plates of the stand are prettily patterned in pale pinks and dark blues with white.

Finger sandwiches in soft white and brown bread with crusts cut off are filled with Belfast honey ham, and cheese roast beef, tarragon aioli and rocket, a sharp piccalilli with cheese, Smoked Irish Salmon and the most delicious cucumber ribbons.  These are served to bright white porcelain with the Titanic White Star logo

The most delicate homemade French Fancies, are made of soft light chiffon cake, covered in the palest of pink icing and topped with ruby raspberries.  Homemade Oreos combine a rich slightly bitter dark chocolate biscuit which has a firm bite that reveals a soft crumb with the smoothest sugar cream filling. 

Gâteau St Honoré has a sweet pistachio pastry cream and is finished with a rich caramel, the mixture of dry nuts and sweet caramel, is always good.  Light crisp strawberry white chocolate macaroons are very morish as they melt in the mouth, while the blackberry macaroons have a richer flavour, but the same perfectly formed shell, and fine texture.

Also served are small clear plastic glasses filled with Raspberry champagne jelly peach custard, Coconut sponge lime marshmallow oatmeal crumble and a sweet white chocolate mousse with a passion fruit curd.

Thick slices of sheet cake are served at the table, we try a moist sweet red velvet, a deliciously flavoursome Banana pecan cake which has a warm toffee flavour, and soft Dundee cake full of plump luscious fruit.

Siobhan Petit’s sultry voice fills the room with jazz standards, and the odd chorus of happy birthday.  Even though the room is busy and the tables are filled with families, couples, groups of girlfriends and tourists, the ballroom doesn’t resound noise, there is a sense of silence, which in the noise of life in the 21st century is to be welcomed. The acoustics are good enough to make this large space feel very personal and private.  The tables are spaced with the skill that knows how to create intimacy in such a big room without feeling like people are sitting on top of each other, or that conversations echo in the fear of eavesdrop.


A children’s menu with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and thick malted chocolate milkshakes is available.  The smooth pale chocolate drinks with their bright red and white straws make me wish just for a moment that I’d like to be a child again.  Staff member Eoin provides serice with a smile.

Staff in smart uniforms are attentive and friendly without being overbearing, nothing is too much trouble, and they have a genuine desire to please, for those taking tea to enjoy their time in this remarkable venue.    And that’s the thing about taking afternoon tea at Titanic Belfast, it is an experience to relish, and the staff know this.



But that thought is soon dispelled when we meet James the barman and master cocktail maker.  James’s passion to mix memorable drinks in remarkable, and we enjoy a good conversation with him.  After asking us what flavours we liked he created cocktails off menu especially for us, it is always so very impressive when barmen go off menu, to meet the palate of the drinker.  James was very knowledgeable and a pleasure to talk to, we discussed many things and tried the Titanic signature whiskey, his drinks were smooth, had a good kick of alcohol mixed into a well blended drink.


 Whilst a Japanese watermelon liqueur and gin based cocktail was refreshing and sweetsharp.  


The berry cocktail was bright red with a twist of orange, and served ice cold.  

The espresso martini combined ice cold silky smooth coffee liqueur with cream, drizzled with a hazelnut syrup, it was rich and warming.  

Afternoon Tea at Titanic Belfast is memorable and remarkable.  Much thought and care has gone into the preparation of the food, and drinks, the service is warm and attentive, from the moment you enter the building crew members guide you to the ballroom and the atmosphere is warm, welcoming and wonderful. It is the perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon, and definitely an experience you would want to share with visitors to Belfast.


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