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Weekend Nibbles - sticky sausages & chocolate popcorn

It's impossible you know to have too many sticky cocktail sausages at a party. They are just so yummy. I was once asked to bring nibbles to a party I showed up with two huge platters of sausages only to discover the party throwers where vegetarians. They didn't mind however as their guests loved the sticky sweet sausages and they didn't have to make them!

Sticky Chilli & Cranberry Sausages
500g cocktail sausages
1 jar of cranberry sauce
1 jar of honey
1/2 cup sweet chilli sauce
1 tsp mustard seeds

1. Cook the sausages according to packet instructions
2. Mix all other ingredients together in a saucepan over a low heat
3. Toss the cooked sausages in the sauce and return to the oven 200'c for 3- 5 minutes
4. Serve with cocktail sticks & a warming that these are very morish!

Chocolate Salted Popcorn

I've been experimenting with popcorn flavours for the past year. I've tried cumin curry spice, and bourbon sugar among others. But the one that is exquisite and I know you'll love is salted chocolate.

I serve this in big bowls at parties or tied up with pretty ribbon in cellophane as Christmas gifts.

120g salted popcorn (I use shop bought but you can make this from scratch)
300g dark chocolate at least 55% coco
100g milk chocolate
Sprinkling of chilli flakes if desired

1. Melt the chocolate in a glass bowl over a summer pot of water, be careful to let it melt slowly. I do this by melting half the chocolate then adding the rest and stirring until it melts.

2. Place the popcorn in a large baking tin or high sided bowl pour over 2/3s of the meted chocolate & toss until evenly coated.

3. Turn the chocolate popcorn out onto baking paper lined trays. Then drizzle in zig zagged lines the rest of the melted chocolate over the top.

4. Leave to cool about 20 minutes and serve in large bowls

5. This keeps for up to two days in an airtight tin

Zucchini bruschetta

This looks great in the middle of a buffet table, the bright colours drawing your eye & making you hungry.

1 garlic flatbread
1 small bunch flat leaf parsley chopped
300g cherry tomatoes halved
100g button mushrooms
5 baby zucchinis sliced in rounds
3 cloves of garlic finely chopped
Salt and pepper
50g salted butter
3-4 gulgs olive oil

1. Heat the oil and the butter until bubbling, turn down the heat, add the garlic & fry for 1 minute
2. Add the mushrooms fry for 1 minute, followed by the tomatoes, and the zucchini, fry together until hot
3. Add the rest of the chopped parsley and salt and pepper to taste (you can also add some chilli flakes)
5. Toast the flat bread under the grill until warm
4. Pour mixture over toasted bread, run a pizza cutter through until it's in small squares then serve

Hope y'all are having a very Happy Christmas season. Have a wonderful weekend.

That's if for now ...


Salt & Sparkle = Life Remarkable

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Reader Comments (2)

These look so good, will have to give these a go some time, thanks for sharing....


March 26, 2014 | Unregistered Commenterplasterer bristol

Hello Simon, thank you they are really good, and very easy. I love food that is easy to put together, but is absolutely delicious. Let me know how you get on when you try them.

April 8, 2014 | Registered Commenterby Nics

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