Gingerbread House Party with a little help from IKEA
Monday, December 11, 2017 at 9:27PM
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It is Gingerbread house party time - one of my favourite days of the year.  We gather together - friends & family,  from baby to oldie - and we build gingerbread houses.  If youhaven't tried it yeat, I urge you to get started.

Head to Ikea to get a flatback gingerbread house kit, bring your people around your table and get creative.

 You need lots of coloured sweeties - jellys, chocolates, cola bottles, jelly teddies, chocolate fingers - the more sweets, edible sparkles and sprinkles you have the better.  Who knew that icecream waffers could become solar panels or jelly beans could become a choir singing outside the house.

The icing is easy - although its not recommended to eat it as it has raw eggs in it.  Use a mixer with a paddle beater to get air into the mixture, do not make your icing in a blender as it will not get to the required consistency.

You need lots of icing bags and spatulas to get the icing into the bag.  I find disposible bags the easiest to use.  

To make the icing - 

Icing: Stir 250 g icing sugar, 1 egg white and 5 ml lemon juice/vinegar to a smooth, quite thick paste. Apply with a piping bag (can be made out of parchment paper).

A choir of gummy bears singing carols outside the gingerbread house.


Folks get very competitive! Suddenly everyone wants to make the best house possible.

Look at how two brothers get creative differently.

 Children are so creative and making gingerbread houses is a time for them to be free, messy, wild and just enjoy going for it.

THere's such a sense of pride with the houses.

 There is a real sense of joy.  Ikea has packaged what the Swedes know about bringing people together, getting cosy, staying warm, and having fun together by building gingerbread houses.  Get yourself to Ikea and stock up on the houses then get your gang together between now and December 31 to build gingerbread houses.

Sean our judge gave prizes out to everyone who took part - at Christmas everyone is a winner.

Get your Gingerbread houses at Ikea, plan a get together and have fun enjoying your initate creativity.

Send us some of your Gingerbread House pictures, and we will share them.

Happy Christmas, 

That's it for now ...


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