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The first BBQ of Summer 2017

In the North if we lived our lives by the weather we would never do anything.  Our wee country is most known for having four seasons in one day.  I remember a flight back from Chicago where my seating companion was so excited to be heading over to visit the country she told me she had even packed for our weather bringing thermals and flip flops.  We grew up hardy weather rarely ever stopped us doing anything unless it was life and death dangerous and that included BBQ's cooked in waterproofs under huge golf umbrellas.  Rain! Pa.  That is not going to put us off and it shouldn't put you off either.  Especially with the yummy Spirit of Summer BBQ range in Marks and Spencer.  

Thick wedges of Halloumi cheese cook quickly on the bbq and are delicious on their own for veggies or shared with the adults to have on top of burgers.  They do disappear quickly so always get much much more than you think you'll never.  There is never any leftover Halloumi.  Slices of Halloumi tossed with rocket and the Marks and Spencer Hasselback garlic potatoes are delicious add a squeeze of lemon for a big of zine.

Chicken when cooked properly on a BBQ is always incredible.  The sweet smoke and crisp skin with succulent chicken meat pulled off bones is a little bit of heaven.  The Marks and Spencer Spirit of Summer range have lovely chicken bravas tenders with a rich alioli and some seriously smoky and sharp Louisiana Barbecue Chicken Flatties.  

Sausages are the staple of the Northern Irish BBQ, they are easy too cook, relatively cheap to buy, and taste fantastic.  Marks and Spencer Grill Range, have created a new sausage, using outdoor reared British Pork, which has been smoked while it is cured.  These are big juicy sausages, flavoured with sage and nutmeg, and with a very high meat content – 85%, which in the sausage world is unusal, considering some sausages only have 50% meat.  

These firm and weighty sausages suit their name ‘Posh Dogs’, we served them in the new Posh Dog Sub rolls, with mustard, ketchup, and salted coriander onion.   I like to cook my sausages until they go a deep walnut brown, and start to caramelise around the edges.

Burgers and slices of grilled pineapple go togther perfectly. 

Salad is a key BBQ ingredient - I make a huge tossed salad with mango, chive flowers, pomegranate seeds, cos lettuce and lots of coriander, tossed in a mustard and honey dressing.


When you BBQ don't stress with perfect table settings or lots of washing up load up on Marks and Spencer plastic wine glasses and disposable cutlery - you won't regret it!  The wine peaking through in the background is one of my favourites Marks and Spencer Marlborough  Silver Frond vibrant dry Sauvignon that is bursting with ripe gooseberry flavours.  A herbal aromamatic nose with undertones of luscious fresh lime and crushed nettle palate, it is fun and sparkly.  M&S winemaker Jeneve Williams made this wine with local winemaker Andrew Blake of Giesen, sourcing grapes from a number of prime vineyards to really show off the quality and clarity of the region’s fruit.  Grape Variety: 99% Sauvignon Blanc, 1% Pinot Gris.


Get out and get the BBQ lit - have a fabulous summer!

That's it for now ...


Salt and Sparkle = Life Remarkable


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