Baby Girl Genocide in India

In India, genocide is being carried out against baby girls. 

Everyday, UNICEF estimates 7,000 female babies are killed for no other reason than the fact they are daughters not sons.  

The Indian Medical Association estimated that five million female fetuses are aborted every year in India.  With even more baby girls abandoned in bins, public toilets, at the side of the road, at churches, hospitals, over-crowded orphanages or simply left in the street.

Even though female infanticide is illegal in India, 1.5 million girls die in the country before their first birthdays, the majority it is alleged from female infanticide.

The bias against females in India is related to the fact that sons can upon to provide income; they can work in the fields, they will carry on the families name and ultimately they don’t require a dowry.

Today you can read about how my friends Janet & Nelson Thomas Raja are making a difference to these numbers on Jeremy Statton's Blog. 

Below is an extract from Jeremy's post -  

JS: Nelson, you met Janet and were married. You lived in Northern Ireland for some time, but returned back to India and together started a ministry called Angel House. What is your ministry about?

Janet: Nelson and I have alway been interested in rescuing babies. I am a pediatric nurse and from an early age wanted to adopt. After the tsunami in 2005, we moved to India to help those who were in need. I volunteered at the adoption center helping to place orphaned children.

It was here that we met our daughter, Phoebe. She was in the center for 3 months but went unadopted. She was hard to place because she apparently had some physical issues and was labeled as “special needs.” I wasn’t disappointed by others lack of interest because I wanted to adopt her.

After  she became ours, we looked over her entire body for the physical problems. We found none. It turns out that she was labeled “special needs” because of the color of her skin.

We thought that adopting her would quench our thirst to help children in need, but having her only made our desire stronger. One night when we were putting her to bed, she prayed and asked God to save all of the babies from being killed in India until she grew up and become a mommy to take care of them. At that moment we knew we had to return to India on a permanent basis.

I felt that God was calling me to India but had been avoiding this for over a year. I love the people, but am not a huge fan of living there. Through the sweet and tender heart he gave our daughter, God spoke to us again and this time we answered.

Phoebe chose the name of Angel House. Our goal is to make it an extension of our family. We want babies to grow up in a family atmosphere instead of an institution. We want them to know love.

Phoebe still struggles from spending time in an orphanage. She finds it difficult to give or receive hugs due to a lack of physical contact from birth. When I volunteered at the adoption center I noticed that babies would stop crying for attention at around 3 months. They would just lay there since they knew no one would come.

We want the children to know comfort. We want to give them a reason to cry.



Please head over to Jeremy's blog to read more 


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Your Feelings Matter

Sometimes we are so concerned trying not to hurt anyone else's feelings we negate to recognize or take care of our own feelings.

Taking care of ourselves is essential otherwise how can we take care of

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Thoughts on speaking

When you have spoken the word, it reigns over you.
When it is unspoken you reign over it.
- Arab Proverb

I've had a few situations recently where I've been given the choice to speak or remain silent. Both have their advantages. But in each case I've chosen to keep my own counsel.

Speaking can never be erased & our words can haunt both us and the recipient.

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Let's Write a Short Story by Joe Bunting

'Let's Write a Short Story!' is a brilliant & bold book.  Joe Bunting's writing empowers the reader, leaving them with the feeling - 'I can write this story.' And, more importantly, 'I will write this story!'    Packed full of takeaway knowledge and personal experience, this book is rousing & required reading for anyone who wants to write stories.

I had the opportunity to read this book before it was published and I can tell you, this is not a book you will want to miss buying.  

Joe talks about the book on his fantastic blog the write practice - one I highly recommend you start reading and following right now!

Let's go, let's write a short story - I can't wait to read yours.

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Strawberry, Cucumber & Goat's Cheese Salad

I was invited to a Strawberry Tea today. It was a fundraising event for Breast Cancer & the theme was 'strawberries'

Everyone was asked to make a contribution to the lunch. With so many sweet things being made I opted for a savoury strawberry salad.

There's nothing quite as summery as a bowl of perfectly ripe strawberries tossed in black pepper, and mixed with soft goats cheese & ribbons of salted cucumber. Topped off with a drizzle of really grassy extra virgin olive oil.

Served with some crusty bread or BBQ'd chicken or pork this salad is heaven on a plate. The sweet sour of the strawberries is the perfect contrast to the the creamery goats cheese, and salty watery cucumber, brings a coolness to proceedings.

You can add a dash or two of balsamic vinegar or a squeeze of lemon juice but really it's not needed.

Do you have a favourite summer salad?

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Few things are as pleasurable as eating produce straight from the garden especially if you grew it yourself! I'm cheating slightly as my brother grew these, in the corner of his conservatory - protecting them from the Irish Rain.

Incredible doesn't quite cover how good these tasted. Each one was a tiny bite of sharp sweet tartness, the perfect combination of sweet & sour. I ate more than I picked yesterday. But the crop is abundant & I'm going to make some chutney to use up those that don't first make it into salads.

Tomatoes served in a bowl with a glossing of olive oil a hint of pepper & a pinch of sea salt and a slice or
Two of crusty bread or Irish Wheaten bread make a perfect supper.

I believe the simpler the adornments the better when the tomatoes are so fresh make the best dishes really letting the flavour of these red beauties shine.

How do you like to eat your tomatoes?

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Richard Rohr on Silence 


The simplest spiritual discipline is some degree of solitude and silence. But it's the hardest, because none of us want to be with someone we don't love. Besides that, we invariably feel bored with ourselves, and all of our loneliness comes to the surface.

We won't have the courage to go into that terrifying place without Love to protect us and lead us, without the light and love of God overriding our own self-doubt. Such silence is the most spacious and empowering technique in the world, yet it's not a technique at all. It's precisely the refusal of all technique.

Adapted from Radical Grace: Daily Meditations, p. 106, day 114 Richard Rohr

Listen to the stillness, the language of God

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