Thankful - 25


Today I am thankful for ...

The colours in this painting make my heart sing

Telephone calls

Dinner with loved one's

Walking the dogs

Light over the lough from a high vantage point

Catching the last of the dying light

Photos with Brian, Sarah and Jake



The smell of turf

Reading in a warm bed

Great music from John Denver

Writing here

Remembering we are Victorious

Knowing it is all about being thankful

Christian Fellowship Church Belfast

Great friends Hx2

Power of Prayer

The Cross

What are you thankful for today?

That's it for now ...


Salt & Sparkle = Life Remarkable



Thankful - 24

Today I am thankful for ...

Letters in the post

Singing with Belfast Community Gospel Choir

Going to Nadrianne's birthday Party, with Mums and Jake


A pleasant drive

A great car



What about you - what are you thankful for today?

That's it for now ...


Salt & Sparkle = Life Remarkable


Thankful - 23 

Today I'm thankful for ...

Nadrianne - what a joy to see this precious little one celebrate her birthday

Nicole & Philip

Fun times with Mum and Jake

New Jeans

Singing with BCGC - such a joy to be part of Belfast Community Gospel Choir and sing music full of joy

Black Gospel Music

Laughter with friends

Seeing a choir chum back on stage after 6 months

Chats with Julie

Knowing Garth Brooks is on tour soon!


Seeing my first decorated Christmas tree this season

Twinkling fairy lights

Fionn & Roxy

What are you thankful for today?

That's it for now ...


Salt & Sparkle = Life Remarkable


Thankful - 22

Today I'm thankful for ...



Brilliant film Philomena exposing some of the horrors of life for women in Ireland & the harrowing abuse they suffered because of pregnancy before marriage

Friends who are risking and stepping out in faith, it's a an honour to be part of their journey

Finbar Furey's new song - http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=DZsv_NJlZ0s&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DDZsv_NJlZ0s


The opportunity to sit in studio during an album being mixed





Tasty Food made from the barest of ingredients - chicken fillets, dried herbs, wrinkled tomatoes and peppers, Clove of garlic, parsley, & end of a hardened baguette.

Bruschetta topped with fried peppers & tomatoes & shredded dry roast chicken

That's it for now ...


Salt & Sparkle = Life Remarkable


Thankful - 21 

Today I am thankful for ...

Changing light

SkyLight colour therapy

Friends who I can be real with

Dog rescue charities and organisations

Changing light

Watching the crows and seagulls feed in a cut field

The robin in my garden

Leaving it down and exhaling

My beautiful friends - Willetta, Jude, Laura, Ashleigh, Elaine

Country Music

Steel guitars

Brooks and Dunn

Tv drama programmes to chillax to

My cashmere Beanies

What are you thankful for today?

That's it for now ...


Salt & Sparkle = Life Remarkable


Thankful - 20

Today I am thankful for ...

My beautiful sister, sister-in-law and brother, I love you guys, you make my world a better place.

A three minute conversation which has lead to a new opportunity

Waking up knowing something had changed from when I went to sleep

The huge, crashing waves

Cashmere wristlets  - which keep my arms and fingers warm as I type

A conversation in a bookshop, which fed my desire to read not only the books on my course list, but the books around them - 'Go by publisher,' said the bookseller.

The excitement before reading a new book

Seeing a gift accepted

Praying for my friends

Talking to Elaine

Having two people tell me my writing had encouraged them to share their story - such an honour as a writer to be the one who pushes others towards speaking out and telling their story

Encouragement from the H's

Claiming the promises

Reading about how Moses had to be brought up in Pharoh's household, so that when he lead the Israelites out of slavery, he did not have the mind of a slave, but the mind of a prince, and could understand how Father God sees us as his precious children

Knowing God can do everything, there is no circumstance He can't change.

That's it for now ...


Salt & Sparkle = Life Remarkable



Pre and Post Theatre dining at the Fitzwilliam in Belfast

There is something magical about theatre.  Anticipation rises we sit in the stalls, waiting, voices murmuring, then hushing as the lights dim, curtains rise and the overture begins.  Actors move onto stage and the performance begins.  I had a very special evening recently. Dinner and drinks at the Fitzwilliam Hotel Belfast, then slipping next door for a performance of Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical Cats, and back to a the Fitz for a nightcap.

Situated right beside Belfast's Grand Opera House, the pre and post-theatre menu Fitzwilliam Hotel allows the opportunity to eat dinner and enjoy theatre, without rushing from restaurant to theatre.  The convenience adds relaxation to a night at the theatre.

The menu is a choice of two or three courses, with a solid choice of red or white wine by the glass.  Served in the restaurant or the private dining room, there is the opportunity to host a small intimate party or have a table for two.  The dining room twinkles from the curtains of starlight that hang on the Fitzwilliam's lobby windows, creating a gentle atmosphere.

There were 12 of us in our party.  We enjoyed time to mingle and chat with canapes and glasses of bubbles, at the back of the dining room, before sitting around an oval pale wooden table.  

The menu offers a selection of four starters.  There's a goat cheese tartlet, soup with freshly made breads, a salad of smoked bacon and boiled eggs, and salted chilli chicken which I had.  

Salted Chilli is a huge hit in Chinese and Asian restaurants.  The Fitzwilliams take, saw the chicken succulent and encased a very light salted batter with a hint of spice.  Served with slices of mild fresh red chilli thinly scattered over the top.  This was a very clean way to serve this dish, allowing the ingredients to shine especially with the fresh chilli bringing a raw heat.

There are five choices for main course beef, pork belly, chicken, rump steak, salmon and a butternut squash risotto.  All plates are beautifully presented, which makes the eating all the more pleasurable.  Portions are good, and there are sides of homemade chips, boiled baby potatoes and fresh vegetables. Fluffly and crispy the chips were well made, and tasty.  The vegetables cooked so that the taste was clear, and they had a light resistance to eat bite.

I had risotto which was rich and very creamy, it had a scattering of roasted butternut squash over the top.  The dish was comforting to eat.  

I overheard others commenting on how flavoursome the steaks where, with the salmon being said to be light and deep because of the tarragon cream.  Exceptional champ was served with the chicken and pork belly, it had a sweet scallion taste, and a buttery smoothness that so many restaurants miss.

Three courses can be very heavy eaten all at once, but the Fitzwilliam having thought about this offer the opportunity come back to the hotel after the show to have dessert and or cocktails, or even tea or coffee.  This splitting of the courses means no one sits in the theatre feeling 'stuffed'.

The raspberry chocolate torte had a smooth flavour, which the tartness of the raspberry's cut through.  

Cosmopolitian and Moijtios cocktails were refershing and cooling after the heat of the theatre, and provided a relaxing way to finish the evening.

The Fitzwilliam Hotel in Belfast, is somewhere that provides reliable, consistence service, with food which is tasty, attractive to look at and reasonably priced, served by pleasant and friendly staff.  The atmosphere in the hotel is soothing, modern and contemporary.  I enjoy just sitting in the lobby having a cup of tea when I am in town.  I particularly like the booths in the bar, the overhung reading lamps in the lobby, and the books to brose beside the fireplace.

The Fitzwilliam is somewhere I highly recommend.

That's it for now ...




Salt & Sparkle - Life Remarkable


Slat and Sparkle were guests of the Fitzwilliam Hotel, Belfast.