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Easter Fun from Marks and Spencer


Marks and Spencer hollow milk chocolate eggs in a traditional egg carton are fun and sparkly for Easter.  They come in sets of 30 eggs and are brilliant for Easter Egg hunts. 


They also work really well as gifts from teachers to children or if you have any little people visiting your home this Easter, they will love to pick an egg for themselves.



These Marks and Spencer cloth chick bags are filled with milk chocolate jewel foil covered easter eggs.  The bags are firm favourites with children who can use them during an Easter Egg hunt and fill them up too the brim with chocolate.

The little Marks and Spencer jewelled eggs because they are covered can be hidden all around the garden for children and adults to find.

These little jewel eggs are filled with beautiful smooth milk chocolate, and the half eggs are filled with rich runny caramel. They are addictive - I challenge you to eat only one!  Opened out of their net bags and filling coloured glasses they make beautiful hostess gifts, or Easter presents.  I like to fill glasses with them and leave them all around the house on Easter Sunday for people to nibble throughout the day.

These Marks and Spencer wobble tins are filled with chocolate chip shortbread.  The tins are bright and cheery; great fun for little children who can push the tin and watch it wobble.

My favourite themed egg from Marks and Spencer for children is this dinosaur who sits proudly atop of speckled eggs.  Lots of little boys and girls will love this on Easter Sunday.

These little praline eggs are for adults and some older children wrapped in sparkling gold, they are easy to eat.

These little half egg chicks are filled with gooey caramel.

Easter is a time to celebrate, new life, the triumph of life over death, light and the joys of Spring - I hope you have a joyful day full of celebration.

Happy Easter,

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Ice Cream Cake - a recipe, a good one 

Summer is over.  Sadly!  Are you crying?  I have to admit I'm not overly happy about the prospect of chilly air, feet in shoes and socks, and leaves falling.  Well scrap that last one actually, leaves falling is a canopy of glorious colour.  But the dark nights, not so sure about those.  Yet again there is the rather special light in November.

Lots of people will be giving you recipes for potpies, apple tarts, warming rustic soups, and me, well I am giving you a recipe for ice-cream cake!  As ice-cream although associated with summer, is really perfect anytime of the year, night or day.  Ice-cream soft, slippery and sensational, sweet on the tongue, cooling on the throat and rich.  It is the most beautiful food.

Over the summer I saw a picture of an ice-cream cake, and was immediately intrigued, and started playing with recipes.  Ice-cream cake is really a question of layering, the ingredients, wrapping, flash freezing and serving.  You can trust me when I say, it will all be gone, all of it in one go.

Children adore making ice-cream cake.  It's controlled messy.  Piles of sweeties, squishy marshmallows, oreo cookies to crunch, sprinkles, lots of sprinkles, because truly, sprinkles just make everything better.

If you are making this with children, make sure their hands are very clean, and keep some anti-bact wipes on hand as little hands go into the ice cream and into bowls of sweeties.  As well as into little mouths.

With children and teens back at school this week, a comfortable treat is needed at the weekend, and ice cream cake is possibly the most decadent divine dessert to make at times like this.

You can shake up the ingredients as much as you wish, the secret is all in the layering.  I've made this one with chocolate swiss roll cake, but you could just as easily use pound cake spread thickly with nutuella.

Ice Cream Cake Recipe



  • 1 pound cake thinly sliced and spread with nutuella or 1 chocolate swiss roll sliced
  • 2 litres of ice cream - I used a litre each of vanilla and raspberry ruffle
  • 1 packet of oreos crushed
  • 1 bag of mini marshmallows
  • 1 cup of chocolate chips
  • 1 cup of smarties
  • 1/4 - 1/2 cup of sprinkles depending on how many children you have helping


There are two ways to do this, either using a clear glass bowl which will look beautiful as the layers of the ice cream cake can be seen clearly through glass.  Or use baking paper to line a dish then place on a serving plate.



  1. Using a freezerproof bowl layer slices of cake with ice cream and sweets, cookies and sprinkles alternatively, until you have used all your ingredients.
  2. Flash freeze for up to 30 minutes - too long and it will go rock hard and be very unplesant to eat
  3. Serve in slices or scoops



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Children's Valentines Teaparty

Children love Valentines Day.  There's no worry or stress about romantic entanglements, instead it is a celebration of the love they hold in their hearts for their parents or friends.  

Why don't you hold a Valentine's Tea party for the little girls in your life, and their friends too, if you are feeling brave.  Maybe they are your daughters, or nieces, or the children of friends.  

Boys can of course be invited too, but in general I've found they'd rather be building the huts outside to have the party in, than actually partaking in the bubbles and sparkle.  Although put a tea table in front of little boys, laded with sugary treats, and fizzy pop, and they will devour it in an instant, then ask for more.

This French Soda from Marks and Spencer comes in an old fashioned bottle, which has a top that pops.  There will be smiles of glee and laughter, as the top is popped in front of children.  Get a second and maybe a third bottle because without doubt they will want to pop the tops as well.  There is such a thrill for children in doing something so grown up.

Pink and fizzy, with a sweet herby taste split with just a dash of lemon, I served this French Soda, in tiny crystal liqueur glasses, which feel very special when held, by little hands.  Don't forget small children love little things, and are intimidated by big glasses, or plates of food, with huge biscuits, cupcakes or the like.  

Keep the treats you serve at your tea party small and dainty.

These Marks and Spencer  chocolate brownie hearts topped with a pink white chocolate mouse, and pale pink hundreds and thousands, look cute as a button and are the perfect size for tiny hands. 

Want to make breakfast in bed for Mummy or Daddy or what about creating some homemake chocolates, there are lots of fun, love filled activities that children can take part in with your help this Valentines Day. Learning about love by doing, is much more effective than being told about love.  After all 'Love Does'


Happy Valentines,

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Gingerbread House Party with a little help from Ikea

Ikea sell the best Gingerbread Houses on the market.  The packs contain the walls, roof, gables, and chimney of the house, and each bit is made of crisp, lightly spiced gingerbread.

Children love being creative - and they adore spending time with family and friends making gingerbread houses at Christmas.  

A Gingerbread House Party is a really fun way to spend the weekend before Christmas.  Assemble some children, adults and prepare to have a blast.

All you need to gather are a range of sweeties - small and colourful are best - pop them into small bowls and glasses, arrange in the middle of the table within easy reach of the children.  Ikea do a range of jellies and pick n mix.

I also put out edible glitter, hundreds and thousands and other sugarcraft Christmas decorations.

Make Royal Icing using the powedered sugar and an egg white, according to packet instructions - having used lots of icings, I have always found McKinney's to be the best.  I make my icing in my Kitchen Aid, with the paddle beater, as this creates a firmer icing them making it in a food processor.

The icing is firm and thick, it will split cheaper icing bags - so get bags that are made from a strong fabric and not plastic.

Cover trays in foil, to build the houses upon and allow each child with the help from an adult to create and deocrate their houses to their hearts content.  

Improvisation with an icing bag made out of a sweetie packet.

Adults have as much fun as children.

Sometimes the icing ends up in tummies and not on the gingerbread.

Building the houses can be a little tricky, but with patience and laughter, it works.  Allow the foundations to set before putting on the roof.

Children love to be in control of the icing bags, and they create marvellous houses, which they are so proud of.

The pride on the children's faces when they finish their houses is mighty!

Gingerbread village.

Gingerbread House Parties are fun, festive and full of laughter.  Creativity runs in the blood of children, and giving them the opportunity to create and decorate their own houses gives such a sense of accomplishment and pride in their creativity.

Go on, head to Ikea stock up on Gingerbread Houses, invite children and parents and throw a Gingerbread House party this Saturday or Sunday, its a real antidote to the madness of the High Street at Christmas.

Send us some of your pictures, and we will share them.

Happy Christmas, 

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Criticise me ...




As you know I love colour but then I shoot constantly especially people in BW.  Today inspired by this post by Joe Bunting, I thought I would post some photographs for your criticism.  The photos are the same, but they are in two formats, BW and colour.  Tell me what you think of them, what photo do you prefer, and what format?  I would love to read some constructive critical feedback, on these images, please feel free to give me some.

As usual on a Tuesday I am linking up with Darcy for Sweet Shot Tuesday - join us?

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