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How to make an Irish Hot Whiskey

Happy St Patrick's Day my lovelies.  May you have a day filled with blessings and laughter.

The rain is battering my window and the green is glimpsed through the mists of grey.  I've come in from walking the dogs and feeling a bit like a drowned rat.

To warm my chilled bones a hot whiskey is the ticket.  

This is a drink of few ingredients and one that doesn't need fussing.

Most important is the whiskey I love Writer's Tears from Marks and Spencer.  This Irish whiskey is 100% barley and made in a copper pot still.

It has a lovely honey flavour with a burst of ginger and butterscotch, there are hints of toasted oat.  It is smooth.  A result of being tripled distilled and matured in charred bourbon barrels.  Writerṣ Tears” is a old style Irish Pot still Whiskey, with its vatting of Single Malt and Single Pot Still whiskeys, it is distilled from 60% malt and 40% pot still.

Years of making hot whiskey's for customers means I know every trick in the book.  The secret is to warm the glass before adding the whiskey.  Put a teaspoon into a glass and fill with water that is just off the boil.  Meanwhile stud a lemon with cloves. Being careful not to burn fingers, disgard the water from the glass, add the whiskey, clove studded lemon and add a good three fingers of Whiskey to the glass, fill with hot water, stirring  to it swirls add a teaspoon of honey - or brown sugar.  Stir until the sugar is disolved.  Wrap a napkin around the glass so as not to burn your fingers and drink with your toes up in front of a roaring fire.


Happy St Patrick's Day!

That's it for now ...


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Writer's Tears Whiskey from Marks & Spencer

The fire crackled softly warming my toes.  I sat in an easy chair, pulled in close watching the flames, a book of poetry resting on my knee and a glass of whiskey in my hand.  A drink I would enjoy over the hours of the evening.  

Whiskey is not a drink to be rushed or knocked back in quick succession, it should be savoured and enjoyed.

The Whiskey I am drinking this St Patrick's Day is Writer's Tears from Marks and Spencer.

Whiskey should be drunk from good glasses - crystal if possible. I love these antique tumblers that once belonged to my Gran.  

Writer's Tears is a light whiskey, that is firey on the tongue which rounds out to a smooth mellow honeyed flavour, with strong notes of vanilla, bourbon and butterscotch.  It is a beautiful whiskey, which should be drunk patiently.  Allowing the story of the liquid to tell her tale as it is drunk.

Writers Tears Pot Still Blend is a combination of pure pot still and malt whiskeys from Walsh Whiskey Distllery Ireland.  This soft, sweet easy drinking whiskey, with just a little fire, is best drunk with the tiniest drop of water to release the oils, hidden in the amber liquid, and let the flavours created in the barrel come through. There is a hint of oak, and a flavour of candy apples as the finish is long and sweet.

Writers Tears, is an artisan boutique brand stocked by Marks and Spencer that has captured the attention of whiskey enthusiasts worldwide.  It goes perfecly with the words of John O'Donohue's latest book Walking on the Pastures of Wonder.

If you are knew to whiskey and would like to rise a glass tomorrow, here is our 7 point guide on how to taste whiskey.

How to Taste Whiskey - a 7 Point Guide


  1. Swirl the whiskey in the glass to release its flavours
  2.  Put your nose into the glass and take a good sniff
  3. Take a sip and swirl in your mouth as if eating the whiskey like a mars bar for 15 seconds before swallowing
  4. Swallow, take a deep breath, let the breath out as the whiskey goes down
  5. How does the whiskey, smell and taste to you, where does it hit your palate
  6. Remember - There are no right and wrong answers, it is about your personal taste
  7. Add a drop of water, swirl in the glass to mix, then repeat steps 1-6 - has the flavour of the whiskey changed, if so how?

Happy St Patrick's Day, I hope you will enjoy your glass of Writer's Tears from Marks and Spencer.


That's it for now ...


Salt & Sparkle = Life Remarkable